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Everyone can be touched, one day or another, by an evil spirit. Everyone can be possessed by this evil spirit or see his house “squatted” by this evil entity. It can be the result of an action desired by a jealous or simply bad person, but sometimes it is a test that your karma requires you to wash your own mistakes, or else it is chance that makes you to cross the path of an evil spirit, and this one will choose to take up residence in you or in your house, to squat your mental space or your space of life, and to make of this life, a hell, a real nightmare, and that’s where I’m speaking as an exorcist spiritist in Hong Kong.

But just as the law of men forbids one to live without authorization, the house of another, the divine law strictly prohibits a foreign spirit from living in a human being or a place already occupied.

Black magic exists, spells exist, evil spirits exist: jinn, ghosts, poltergeist or demons, depending on beliefs, ethnic origins or religions of each. But ultimately it is always the same entity to fight, the same enemy to destroy, lurking in the shadow of the spirit or the recesses of a house “inhabited”

Some people will put this on the account of the disturbance of the mind, or even madness. Yet at all times there have been these cases of possession, and even in the sacred texts it is mentioned …

In my work as exorcist spiritist in Hong Kong, I fight to free the minds of the possessed, as well as homes inhabited by an intruder, an evil spirit. And this fight I do not lead alone. Just as a general can not win a battle on his own, nor can I destroy evil spirits on my own. I have recourse, as I have already said in the section “who am I” to the spirits of light, who are called “angels” or “holy spirits”.

It’s not a question of asking fetishes, gray-gray or other talismans that belong to what I would call folklore for web tourists. It is not a question of burning incense or of ingesting foods with supposedly magical properties. These methods are ineffective … You can and you must turn away!