In my exorcist work in Beirut I am fighting to free the minds of the possessed, as well as houses inhabited by an intruder, an evil spirit. And this fight I do not lead alone. Just as a general can not win a battle on his own, nor can I destroy evil spirits on my own. I use the spirits of light, called “angels” or “holy spirits”.

My mission as an exorcist in Beirut is to welcome suffering people who think they are victims of evil spells or feel under the influence of the devil. I listen to them and discern with them the origin of their malaise. In case of possession I perform an exorcism.

Unfortunately everyone can be, one day or another, touched by an evil spirit. This is where I am speaking as an exorcist in Beirut.

Everyone can be possessed by this evil spirit or see his house “squatted” by this evil entity. It can be the result of an action desired by a jealous or simply bad person, but sometimes it is a test that your karma requires you to wash your own mistakes, or else it is chance that makes you cross the path of an evil spirit, and it will choose to take up residence in you or in your home, squat your mental space or your living space, and make this life, a hell, a nightmare.

It’s not a question of asking fetishes, gray-gray or other talismans that belong to what I would call folklore for web tourists. It is not a question of burning incense or of ingesting foods with supposedly magical properties.

These methods are ineffective … You can turn away from them. You can reach me from abroad : (00 33) 6 22 79 76 50 and from France: 06 22 79 76 50.